Issue Unio Cum Christo on Reformed Ethics

The latest issue of the journal Unio Cum Christo, a joint publication of Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia and the International Reformed Evangelical Seminary in Jakarta, is dealing with…

RefoRC Panel at EuARe

The Foundation for Religious Studies “John XXIII” (Fscire) and the RefoRC Consortium are organizing a panel at the European Academy of Religion, June 23, 2020.

John Calvin in Context

John Calvin in Context offers a comprehensive overview of Calvin’s world. Edited by R. Ward Holder.

  • Issue Unio Cum Christo on Reformed Ethics
  • RefoRC Panel at EuARe
  • John Calvin in Context

De immortalitate animae

20 February 2020

Mediation and Mediators: Cultural Transfer in the Context of the Long Reformation (1500–1800)

19 February 2020

Isabel Casteels

PhD fellow

Dennis Maghetiu


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