500 Years of Reformation in Korea

Posted: 8 November 2017

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Yesterday the international Refo500 conference Remembering & Resignifying 500 years of Reformation started at Chongshin University, Seoul.

In the opening lecture, Prof. Selderhuis (Apeldoorn) emphasized that the conference is celebrating the start, and not the end of the Reformation. This means, that there are a lot of challenges and chances for after 2017.  The religion and theology of the Reformation and its deep effects on society, may help us in dealing with nowadays problems which often can be traced back to religious postions and convictions.

Dr. John Fesko (Escondido) pleaded for a recovery of Reformed catholicity. “We must remember that we are not merely Reformed, but that we are Reformed Catholics.” He cannot help but think that “contemporary Reformed Christans have all to easily given up on the therm catholic, while early modern Reformed theologians like John Calvin and John Perkins beleved they were part of the one holy catholic church. One should learn from them and send a message to the world: we are part of the one body of Christ , one that extend throughout the world  and every age.”

In the next days short paper sessions on various topics will be on the program.


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