Divine Law and Human Nature

Posted: 16 June 2017

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In this second volume of an ongoing translation project, the Davenant Trust  presents Book I of Hooker’s Laws, for which he is perhaps most famous. Here he offers a sweeping overview of his theology of law. Hooker’s luminous treatment of the relation of Scripture and nature, faith and reason is a priceless and urgently-needed gift to the church.

Richard Hooker’s Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity is one of the great landmarks of Protestant theological literature, and indeed of English literature generally. However, on account of its difficult and archaic style, it is scarcely read today. The time has come to translate it into modern English so that Hooker may teach a new generation of churchmen and Christian leaders about law, reason, Scripture, church, and politics.

Richard Hooker (1553/4-1600) was the pre-eminent theological writer of the Elizabethan church, and many would say in the entire history of the Church of England.

Editors: Bradford Littlejohn, Brian Marr and Bradley Belschner

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