Art. 1 Identity

The International Reformation Research Consortium (RefoRC) was founded February 14th, 2011 as the academic department within Refo500. It enjoys legal status according to the definition in the partnership contracts.

Art. 2 Non-discriminatory policy

RefoRC holds in all its activities to a non-discriminatory policy.

Art. 3 Aims and purposes

The principal aims and purposes of RefoRC:

3.1. Conferences

a) to organize regional and international conferences, lectures, summer schools etc.;
b) to organize annually an overall conference where members and external scholars have the chance to present their projects, plans, and the research results of their projects.

3.2. Research

a) to establish and promote new research projects related to all aspects of the 16th century reformations, such as politics, society, culture, theology, religion and philosophy;
b) to stimulate international, interconfessional and interdisciplinary research on the 16th century reformations and their impact on society;
c) to promote the exchange of scholars between RefoRC members;
d) to advance the publication of theses, conference papers and monographs.

3.3. Training

a) to organize international and innovative Master’s programs;
b) to promote student interest in pursuing graduate studies;
c) to encourage training of teachers and development of research at new institutions.

3.4. Resources

a) to raise money and shape research possibilities for under-funded students, scholars and institutions;
b) to supply project partners of Refo500 with academic input, e.g. while preparing exhibitions etc.;
c) to advise and support libraries, institutions, and individual scholars in matters related to research in the history and theology of the Reformation era;
d) to encourage a collection of digital resources.

3.5. Cooperation

a) to collaborate as closely as possible with all participating scholars and organizations whose field of activity is connected with the history and theology of the Reformation era;
b) to facilitate the exchange of information and team work between its members and to keep them informed of the work of each of the partners.

Art. 4 Organization

a) RefoRC is led by a board of six to eight members, appointed by the board of Refo500 Foundation, and is chaired by the director of Refo500.
b) In case of a vacancy, the board of RefoRC will present a candidate to the board of Refo500 Foundation.
c) The board is responsible for the realisation of the aims and purposes as mentioned in art. 3.

Art. 5 Membership

Membership of RefoRC is granted on decision of the board to academic partners of Refo500.

Institutions wishing to be considered for membership in the Consortium must meet the following eligibility requirements:
a) partner of Refo500;
b) established research program in the field of the reformations of the 16th century;
c) commitment to interdisciplinary and international research activities;
d) prepared to take responsibility for at least (part of) one of the programs of RefoRC or to bring in an own project;
e) defined standards for academic quality as generally accepted.

Art. 6 Responsibilities

RefoRC is a structure within the project Refo500. This implies:

a) participating scholars are responsible to their own institution;
b) academic output of RefoRC is accounted as output of each of the members as far as they take part in the various projects;
c) members, and not Refo500 Foundation, are responsible for the quality of their academic output.

Art. 7 Projects

a) New projects and research programs within RefoRC need approval of the Board.
b) Projects have to relate to the central themes of Refo500 and should be in accordance with general academic standards and preferably organised by two or more RefoRC members.
c) Each research program and project is presided over by a project manager to be elected by the participants in each project. The project manager is responsible for reporting according to a set format semi-annually (before May 1st and before November 1st) to the Board.
d) The results of the projects resp. congresses shall be published by Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, possibly within the RefoRC series Refo500. Existing obligations and commitments of institutions or authors with other publishing houses will be taken into account. Cooperation with other publishers is possible after approval of the Board.

Art. 8 Communication

a) Refo500 Foundation will be informed annually on the activities of RefoRC by the chairman of RefoRC.
b) Board members inform the project-leader of Refo500 regularly with news items, reports, announcements and other communications, so that these can be posted on the various websites of Refo500.

Art. 9 Financial aspects

a) RefoRC has no financial responsibilities towards members or projects.
b) Members have their costs covered by their institutions or through other research funding for their research projects which carry their own financial responsibilities.

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