Ariane Albisser


I studied Theology (BA and MA) in Zurich (Switzerland) and Göttingen (Germany) from September 2011 until Summer 2016. After finishing my Master’s degree, I decided to add another Masters to deepen my understanding of the non-continental scientific discourse in theology and philosophy and am therefore currently (autumn 2016 until summer 2017) studying “philosophy of religion and ethics” in Birmingham. I am looking forward to starting my PHD about the pneumatology in Bullingers works in summer 2017 at the Swiss Reformation Studies Institute in Zurich.

Description of my interests

  • Pneumatalogy by Bullinger (my PHD-project)
  • Confessio Helvetica posterior (my MA dissertation topic for theology)

Generally, my interests can best be described as an interest in theological history and I try to combine systematic theology with church history.

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