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Violet Soen is Chair of the Early Modern History Department at the University of Leuven – KU Leuven. She takes a special interest in church state relations in the sixteenth century, and the developments of confessional identities in the borderlands of the early modern state. She has been visiting scholar at Berkeley University (Spring 2018), Columbia University (Spring 2014) and the École des HautesÉtudesen Sciences Sociales (Spring 2011). She was also a Max Weber Fellow of the European University Institute (2008-2009). Her latest book dealt with noble, royal and imperial peace attempts during the Dutch Revolt (Vredehandel, Amsterdam University Press, 2012). Her latest publications include: Nobility, Oxford Bibliographies in Renaissance and Reformation (ed. Margaret King), New York: Oxford University Press (online release 15 January 2015). (doi)/ Violet Soen and Gert Gielis, The inquisitorial office in the sixteenth-century Low Countries. A dynamic perspective, Journal of Ecclesiastical History 66(2015) 47-66.

Description of my interests

Reformation, Counter-Reformation, Early Modern Bishops, Borderlands, University history, Transregional History, Catholic and Protestant Exile.

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