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Membership of RefoRC is open to universities and research institutions that are partners of Refo500 and is granted on decision of the board.

Membership is free and will bring you benefits and advantages.
Institutions wishing to be considered for membership in the Consortium must meet the eligibility requirements which can be found below.

Want to become a RefoRC member? Apply for a RefoRC Membership. The next review deadline is 1 May, 2019.


Guidelines for Membership

1. Criteria for Eligibility

Institutions wishing to be considered as a member of the Consortium must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • partner of Refo500;
  • established research program in the field of Early Modern Christianity;
  • commitment to interdisciplinary and international research activities;
  • defined standards for academic quality as general accepted.

2. Application Process

  • Applicants will apply through the office of the president of the board of RefoRC;
  • applicants must demonstrate how the institution meets the criteria as mentioned above;
  • applications will be reviewed bi-annually and should be received no later than May 1 and October 1;
  • applications will be reviewed and decided upon by the Board;
  • applicants will be notified of final decisions about the membership.


  • Active involvement in the organisation of, and participation in RefoRC colloquia, expert meetings of 10-15 scholars with a maximum of 5 non-RefoRC scholars.
  • Direct and active involvement in RefoRC research projects with peer-reviewed output.
  • Improved possibilities of international, interconfessional and interdisciplinary cooperation.
  • Active involvement in the organisation and presentation of summer schools, PhD-courses, innovative Master’s programs etc.
  • Joint and more effective approach of funding institutions.
  • Enjoying book discounts.
  • Participation in coordinated initiatives to improve the quality of scholars and institutions.
  • Participation in coordinated graduate student education development projects.
  • Increased academic visibility through RefoRC website by presenting research projects, announcements, job opportunities, etc.


  • Possibility to join RefoRC projects.
  • Privilege of the use of the RefoRC logo and RefoRC label.
  • Privilege of organizing annual RefoRC conferences.
  • Privilege for (a limited number of) PhD students of RefoRC members to attend the RefoRC Summer School at no charge.
  • Easy access for publication of: monographs and thematic collections in the R5AS Series of Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht and refereed articles in De Gruyter´s Journal of Early Modern Christianity.

Apply for Membership

Contact Herman J. Selderhuis via e-mail.


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