Benefits Membership

  • Visibility of the institution, its projects, events, publications, staff and students through the RefoRC-website academic newsletter and all RefoRC-social media.
  • Active involvement in the organisation of, and participation in RefoRC colloquia, expert meetings of 10-15 scholars with a maximum of 5 non-RefoRC scholars.
  • Direct and active involvement in RefoRC research projects with peer-reviewed output.
  • Improved possibilities of international, interconfessional and interdisciplinary cooperation.
  • Possibility of faculty members to become a member of editorial boards of RefoRC series.
  • Use of the network function of RefoRC.
  • Joint and more effective approach of funding institutions.
  • Enjoying book discounts from major academic publishers.
  • Financial support for scholars attending RefoRC conferences by the RefoRC Support Fund.
  • Discounted registration fee for Annual RefoRC conferences.
  • Participation in coordinated initiatives to improve the quality of scholars and institutions.
  • Participation in coordinated graduate student education development projects.
  • Easy access for publication of: monographs and thematic collections in the various RefoRC series.


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