RefoRC Support Fund

Support is one of the core concepts of the Consortium. Therefore, at its meeting of May 2017,  the Board of Refo500 Foundation decided to establish a RefoRC Support Fund.


Purposes of the Fund

  • Financial support of students and scholars associated with RefoRC Members and of educational and scientific organizations that are RefoRC Members which are limited or unable to participate properly in research of the Reformation and/or Early Modern Christianity.
  • Promotion of research and scholarship of the theology and history of the Reformation and/or Early Modern Christianity.


How will Funding be Utilized?

  • Participation in the annual RefoRC conference (costs of registration, travel, and accommodation).
  • Expenses for participation in, or organisation of conferences within RefoRC that have the Reformation and/or Early Modern Christianity as their theme.
  • Purchases of literature.
  • Digitalization of, or providing acces to resources.
  • Publication of scholarly research.
  • Travel expenses for research.
  • Etc., after approval of the administrators of the fund.



The fund is supervised under the responsibility of the Board of the Foundation (Stichting) Refo500. Requests for support will be evaluated by a committee consisting of the director, the director of operations, and the treasurer of Refo500, after obtaining the advice of a member of the Board of RefoRC. In his annual financial report, the treasurer will provide an annual accounting to the Board of Refo500.


Criteria for Applications

  • You are associated with a RefoRC Member.
  • You must submit a description of the project or plan.
  • The project/plan must be consistent with the purposes of Refo500 and RefoRC.
  • You must submit a budget indicating what other funds have been requested, and what the results of the other requests were.
  • You must explain why you have made a request for funding.



  • Applications can be submitted to the president of the Board of RefoRC¬†by e-mail.
  • You will be informed of the decision of the administrators within 4 weeks.
  • If your application is accepted, you must provide an accounting afterwards on how you utilized the money, what it has achieved, and what the final costs have been.


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