Kosmologische Religiosität

Vision und Magie

Maximilian I. (1459 – 1519)

The Theology of Heinrich Bullinger

Salvation by Faith

Heinrich Alting (1583−1644)

Latomus and Luther. The Debate: Is every Good Deed a Sin?

New at Brill: Reformation and the Practice of Toleration

The Reformation of Historical Thought

The Theology of Heinrich Bullinger

Christus und sein dreifaches Amt

Religion und Literatur in drei Jahrtausenden. Hundert Bücher

Vier Arten des Gewissens

Edmond Richer and the Renewal of Conciliarism in the 17th Century

Jesuit Biblical Studies after Trent. Franciscus Toletus & Cornelius A Lapide

From Movement to Inheritance. Hidden Assets from the Treasury of Hungarian Reformation

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