Biblical Scholarship in Louvain in the ‘Golden’ Sixteenth Century

Before Jonathan Edwards. Sources of New England Theology

Lutheran Theology and Contract Law in Early Modern Germany (ca. 1520-1720)


Transregional Reformations

On the Law of Nature: A Demonstrative Method

On the Duty to Keep Faith with Heretics

Hapshin Theological Review, Volume 7

Grace Defined and Defended

Reformed Systematic Theology. Volume I: Revelation and God

More than Luther. The Reformation and the Rise of Pluralism in Europe

The Battle for the Sabbath in the Dutch Reformation

John Duns Scotus. A Life

Reforming Priesthood in Reformation Zurich. Heinrich Bullinger’s End-Times Agenda

Word of God, words of men. Translations, inspirations, transmissions of the Bible in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in the Renaissance

Reformations in Hungary in the Age of the Ottoman Conquest

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