Bridget M. Heal, St. Andrews

Title plenary paper: Everyday Lutheranism During the Thirty Years War



This keynote will explore the myriad ways in which religious beliefs and practices shaped the lives of the generations affected by the Thirty Years War. Drawing primarily on examples from Electoral Saxony, it will show that religion was important not only to the wider dynamics of the war, but also to the survival and recovery of individuals and communities at a local level. It will move beyond familiar stories of social disruption and economic decline to ask how seventeenth-century men and women interpreted the war and made sense of the suffering it caused. It will focus above all on religion’s role in everyday life, and on the religious rituals, spaces and objects that helped communities to endure and to recover from three decades of conflict.


Professor PhD, Bridget M. Heal, History, University of St. Andrews

Research area: Religious history, long term impact of the Reformations on German society and culture.

Selected works: A Magnificent Faith: Art and Identity in Lutheran Germany. (Oxford: Oxford University Press 2017)

The Cult of the Virgin Mary in Early Modern Germany: Protestant and Catholic Piety, 1500-1648. (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2007)



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