Call for Applications ReIReS Scholarships for Transnational Access

Posted: 9 January 2019

To overview

The EU funded project “Research Infrastructure on Religious Studies” (ReIReS) offers scholars the opportunity to spend two weeks in one of fourteen outstanding European research centres (libraries and archives) in Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Germany, and Italy to carry out their research project in Historical Religious Studies. Applications are welcome before February 18, 2019.

ReIReS grants to users support for travel (standard economy airfare) and subsistence (accommodation). Users spend typically two weeks at the provider institution, meeting experts and scholars, the curator of the special collections, conservator and restorers.

Users of ReIReS transnational access take advantage in dealing with all these materials with the constant tutorial of experts of the host provider who are specialists in the research field for which access has been requested, and who assist and guide the use and interpretation of the data.

Users should aim to publish the results of their research within a realistic period of time and preferably in open access ISI or SCOPUS refereed journals that have substantial academic impact. The support of the EU as well the use of the ReIReS services must be clearly acknowledged in the academic publication realised using ReIReS’ transnational access.


Refo500 is one of the partners of ReIReS.

Visual: Bookshelf in the Hymnbook Archive Mainz, Photo: Thomas Hartmann, University Library Mainz.

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