Call for Papers: The Mediation of Salvation (Sacraments) in Early Modern Theology

Posted: 28 June 2018

To overview

International conference 26-28 September 2019 at the European Melanchthon Academy, Bretten, entitled: The Mediation of Salvation (Sacraments) in Early Modern Theology (1450-1700) – a Transconfessional Perspective.

Unfortunately, the conference has been cancelled.

Call for Papers

The aim of the conference is an examination of the theology of the sacraments in the early modern period from a trans-denominational perspective. The sacramental theology of the different denominations that emerged in the early modern period are not only treated synoptically, but across all denominations. The perspective of this sacramental theology is trans-confessional insofar as it examines and illustrates the similarities of the structure and content of the various denominations and thus delimits denominationally narrowed perspectives. Equally important are the reciprocal perception and reception processes. This means that the project must be carefully worked out and focused. At the same time, the perspective of sacramental theology is institutional and historical and our investigations must ask about the institutions that support this theology and their influences on theology itself, for example in theological education, which has, since then, become the standard for all denominations. This also allows for the inclusion of orders, brotherhoods, councils and synods. Finally, the perspective of this sacramental theology is problem-oriented. Even, then, the problems that concern sacramental theology are to be considered across denominations.

Conference Organizers

Prof. Dr. Günter Frank (Bretten), Prof. dr. Volker Leppin (Tübingen), Prof. dr. Herman Selderhuis (Apeldoorn), Prof. dr. Klaus Unterburger (Regensburg)



European Melanchthon Academy of Bretten
Melanchthonstrasse 1-3
D-75015 Bretten


Abstracts of proposed submissions (max 250 words) are to be sent by April 1, 2019 to:

Prof. Dr. Herman J. Selderhuis
Theological University of Apeldoorn
Wilhelminapark 4
NL-7316 BT Apeldoorn











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