Calvinus frater in Domino. Papers of the Twelfth International Congress on Calvin Research

Posted: 10 March 2020

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Edited by Arnold Huijgen and Karin Maag, volume 65 in the Series Reformed Historical Theology.

Every four years, the international Calvin Congress convenes to share insights in the theology and context of the 16th century Reformer John Calvin. A selection of the papers is published in this conference volume.

The six plenary papers included in this volume all examine various aspects of Calvin’s understanding of the Bible’s impact on politics and freedom. The editors also received numerous submissions of revised short papers for inclusion in this volume. The range of topics and approaches testifies to the ongoing health of the field of Calvin studies both in North America and worldwide.

The title of this volume comes from one of the letters addressed to Calvin by his contemporaries. In this case, Calvinus frater in Domino (Calvin, brother in the Lord) comes from the salutation in the Bernese Magistrat Nikolaus Zurkinden’s letter written to Calvin on August 27, 1551.





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