CfP In partibus fidelium. Missions in the Levant and understanding the Christian East (XIX-XXIth c)

Posted: 14 February 2017

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International conference, 27-29 November 2017, Rome, co-organized by the Fondazione per le Scienze Religiose Giovanni XXIII in Bologna.

This international conference will look at the assimilation in Europe of knowledge concerning Eastern Christian Cultures, especially from the last third of the XIXth century, and the role the missions played in this process. This new understanding is largely founded on research conducted in the field in the Middle East, particularly on manuscripts kept in the monasteries and partriarchates, and more generally on the literary, linguistic, archeological, cartographic, and musicological heritage of the Christian communities in place there.


Proposals are to be sent before March 11, 2017 in French, Italian or English.

More (Italian)

Call for papers in French, Italian, and English.


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Start Date
27 November 2017

End Date
29 November 2017

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