Devotional Literature in the Late Middle Ages and Early Modern Period (15th-16th C.)

Posted: 28 November 2017

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International Conference, Cluj-Napoca, 31st May – 2nd June 2018.

With the recent cultural and scholarly effervescence occasioned by the celebration of the five hundred years since the Reformation, studies pertaining to the religious, ecclesiastical or cultural history enjoyed great research focus. On this background, contemporary historiography has highlighted the importance of religious literature for a better understanding of the transition from the late Middle Ages to the time of the Reformation. From the research point of view, the study of prayer books opens the perspective of scrutinizing the religious devotion of clergy and laity alike, offering at the same time the opportunity to explore Christian mentalities and practices in the period under discussion. Besides the particular focus on several exceptional specimens, the analysis of prayer books would largely benefit from its contextualization within the broader phenomenon of devotional literature, by reference to the cultural, religious and artistic trends of the epoch, to the circulation of ideas and their reception in a given context.

We look forward to presentations on 15th -16th century devotional literature, which should be included in one of the following thematic sections: – Devotional practices of the clergy and of the laity; private devotion – Between religious norm and popular religion – Text-image relationship (with reference to illuminations and book illustration) – Circulation of texts – intellectual networks – Philological analysis and text editing Other approaches are also welcome, as long as they fit into the general thematic and chronological span of the conference.

Given your contributions to the field, we would be honored if you accepted our invitation and attended our conference. Please submit to the organizers a working title, accompanied by an abstract of maximum 1500 characters, by 15.12.2017.


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31 May 2018

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2 June 2018

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