Eighth Annual RefoRC Conference Started Today

Posted: 24 May 2018

To overview

The start of the Eighth Annual RefoRC Conference in Warsaw today was as pleasant as could be. The beautiful location of the White Villa, the good coffee and welcome water, and the pleasant reunion and acquintance of many early modern scholars made the start in Warsaw of the conference  a very good one.

The rich plenary papers of Charlotte Appel (Aarhus) on Lutheran education and of Willem Frijhoff (Rotterdam) on catholic education opened up new insights and new possibilities for research.

Both presenters questioned long held theories and asked for taking into consideration so far neglected sources.  The plenary session was followd by a first round of shortpaper panels presenting a variety of topics and demonstrating the liveliness of research in this field.

Remarkable was the number of younger scholars that take this conference a chance to present themselves and their projects, and to connect to other colleagues in the field. Traditionally the conference was preceded by the meeting of the members of RefoRC and also this year possibilities of cooperation were fruifully discussed.

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