Geschichte der Liturgie in den Kirchen des Westens

Posted: 9 January 2019

To overview

In two impressive volumes (1300 p., clothbound) Aschendorff Verlag presents an new and encompassing overview of the Christian liturgy in the western Church, containg the latest research on liturgy.

A team of international experts describe the liturgical tradition of the Roman Catholic tradition as well as that of the Lutheran, Reformed and Anglican churches.

The first volume aims at the period from the beginnings of christianity until modernity. The history of the liturgy of the Early Church of West and East and the further development of catholic liturgy and the various liturgies of Lutherans, Reformed and Anglicans are discussed.

The first volume

The second volume deals with liturgy in modernity and the present time. The main emphasis is on the German-speaking countries and the rest of Europe, but the history of the liturgy of other countries, for example Brasil, is also debated.

The second volume


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