Kirsi Stjerna, California Lutheran University

Title paper: Reformation and Women



Addressing the roles, voices, and experiences of women in the 16th century has provided vital material for the assessment of the Reformation’s impact in different forums, from home to politics to church life and theology. Reformation narratives have been challenged and theological argumentation has been complexified with hermeneutics that place women in the center of the examination. When tracking women’s agency in the spreading and lived reality of the Protestant expressions of religion, the first-generation of the Reformation provides ample material: Katharina von Bora Luther, Elizabeth von Braunschweig, Katharina Schütz Zell, Marie Dentière, Renée of France, Olimpia Morata, and Jeanne d’Albret each took an active role in their respective, different situations and demonstrated remarkable creativity, courage, and conviction when embracing and promoting the evangelical faith. This presentation maps the tracks they left as “confessors” and considers trajectories for further research.


Professor PhD Kirsi I. Stjerna, Lutheran History and Theology, California Lutheran University

Research area: Reformation Church History and Theology

Selected works: The Annotated Luther, Vol. 1-6, Co-General Editor; Vol. 2 Editor, and Contributor.

Women and the Reformation. Wiley Blackwell, 2008 (translations in Finnish and Korean).



Plenary speakers Tenth Annual RefoRC Conference 2020

Webpage Tenth Annual RefoRC Conference 2020

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