Lyndal Roper, University of Oxford

Titel paper: Reformation, and Emotions in the Peasants’ War



How should historians study emotions to help them understand the past? The German Peasants’ War of 1524/5 was the biggest popular uprising in Western Europe before the French Revolution. It altered the course of the Lutheran Reformation, making it far more conservative. Thousands were slain as the revolt was bloodily suppressed. If we are to understand what made people risk everything they had to engage in rebellion, we need to understand their emotions, and we also need to understand theology differently. This paper outlines the emotional patterns of the Peasants’ War and asks how they can help explain what happened.


Professor PhD, Lyndal Roper, Regius Professor of History, University of Oxford

Research area: Luther and the Reformation; Gender history; sixteenth century German Art and material culture

Selected works: Martin Luther: Renegade and Prophet. (London: Vintage 2017)

The Holy Household (Oxford: Oxford University Press 1989)



Plenary speakers Tenth Annual RefoRC Conference 2020

Webpage Tenth Annual RefoRC Conference 2020

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