Martin Berntson, Göteborg University

Title paper: Reformation and Resistance in Everyday Life and Piety



Since the 1960s, there has been a growing interest in how people in parts of early modern Europe have only slowly and sometimes under resistance acquired reformatory faith and piety. From a structural perspective, resistance can be regarded as popular attempts to counter the centralization of power. In recent years, in Scandinavian research, it has become increasingly common to read the Reformation from a Catholic perspective and thereby understand popular opposition as expression of a popular will to remain Catholics. Distancing myself from these perspectives, I will here discuss ways in which resistance can be regarded as a negotiation of how the Reformation should be appropriated within the framework of everyday life and piety.


Professor PhD Martin Berntson, Religious studies and Theology, Göteborg University

Research area: Church history, Reformation, monasteries, public belief

Selected works: Kättarland. En bok om reformationen i Sverige. (Skellefteå: Artos 2017)

Mässan och armborstet. Uppror och reformation i Sverige 1525-1544. (Skellefteå: Artos 2010)



Plenary speakers Tenth Annual RefoRC Conference 2020

Webpage Tenth Annual RefoRC Conference 2020

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