New Date Scholarly Meeting: Organizing a Church in Early Modern Times

Posted: 10 August 2017

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The scholarly meeting Organizing a Church in Early Modern Times: Church Polity in Progress, organized by the Theological University in Kampen, Protestant Theological University Amsterdam-Groningen and the Faculty of Theology at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, has been rescheduled from December 6 to December 4, 2017.

The quatercentenary of the Dortian Church Order of 1619 allows focus to be directed to a discussion of the building blocks of church models in Early Modern Times. The project focuses not only on the Reformed context, but also for the Roman-Catholic and Anabaptist perspectives and other denominational dimensions. With particular attention on the Roman-Catholic Church, it meant a decline of the episcopal and hierarchical church structure while with respect to the Anabaptist church it excluded a decline of the congregational and independent church structure.

The nature of this scholarly meeting is twofold. Each of the attendees will share a brief presentation about work in progress concerning the main theme: Organizing a Church in Early Modern Times: Church Polity in Progress. Also, the nature of the expert meeting is to  prepare the international conference on this theme on 27/28/29 May 2019 in the Netherlands, to discuss subtheme’s, candidates for the keynote lecture(s), excursion(s), public relations etc.


Klaas-Willem de Jong PhD LLM,  Protestant Theological University Amsterdam-Groningen

Leon van den Broeke PhD, Theological University Kampen and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam


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4 December 2017

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