New Issue Journal of Early Modern Christianity on Migration

Posted: 7 May 2019

To overview

Volume 6, issue 1 of the Journal of Early Modern Christianity presents a selection of contributions to the conference “Exile and religious identity in early modern Europe”, held in the Johannes a Lasco Library in Emden (June 28–30, 2017), that have been reworked into articles.

These studies clearly display the huge variety of the phenomenon of (voluntary or forced) migration, and the interplay of various circumstances leading to migration, as is clearly illustrated in “Religious Refugees and Confessional Migrants: Blurring the Difference” by Tadhg O’Hannrachain, and “Flucht hinter den „osmanischen Vorhang“. Glaubensflüchtlinge in Siebenbürgen” by Ulrich Wien. Here, attention is also given to the various relations between refugee communities and their political and ecclesiastical environments, in local as well as regional perspectives.

Besides contributions of O’Hannrachain and Wien, the issue contains articles of Jesse Spohnholz, Violet Soen/Yves Junot, Susanne Lachenicht and Jakob Koryl, the winner of the RefoRC Paper Award 2018.


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