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Posted: 9 July 2018

To overview

The Peter Martyr Library is now overseen and published by The Davenant Institute.

For the first time, these volumes will be offered in paperback, and the first work to be made available is the fourth volume of the series, Philosophical Works: On the Relation of Philosophy to Theology, translated and edited by Joseph E. McLelland. This volume brings together, in a carefully-edited modern translation, extensive excerpts from Vermigli’s biblical commentaries that illustrate his use of philosophical tools and his tackling of philosophical problems in the biblical text. These include classic problems such as the relation of soul and body, the role of divine providence, and the nature of our knowledge of God, as well as more particular questions, such as the nature and meaning of dreams. Together, these selections illustrate that our modern dichotomy between biblical and philosophical studies was thoroughly unknown to the Protestant Reformers, and offer a window into the thought of one of the leading intellects of the sixteenth century.

More volumes of the Peter Martyr Library will be reprinted and made available in the coming months. Among these will be the second volume, Dialogue on the Two Natures in Christ and the Peter Martyr Reader, a collection of choice readings from Vermigli’s work which will bring his important writing to an even wider audience.

There are also many beautiful hardcover copies of Vermigli’s Commentary on the Nicomachean Ethics and the Bibliography of the Works of Peter Martyer Vermigli available at the Davenant Institute.


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