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Posted: 27 March 2018

To overview

3 upcoming PhD courses in Aarhus on the relation between Lutheranism and societal development. April, May, and June 2018.

The three courses are:

  • Ecclesiology of a Lutheran minority in the Dutch Golden Age: A closer look at the sources (April 17-18), with Sabine Hiebsch. Aim of the course is to give the students an introduction into Dutch Lutheranism as a religious minority and the specific conditions in which it developed. They will get an insight into the pragmatic character of Dutch Lutheran ecclesiology , with a particular focus on the Lord’s Supper. This will enable them to study these topics in a comparative way, e.g. the Dutch Lutheran minority context versus the Danish Lutheran majority context. Thus broadening the perspective on Lutheranism. Read more


  • Law and Religion in Norway 1640-1800 – a quantitative and qualitative survey (May 14-15), with Jørn Sunde. The students will get a bottom-up perspective on the relationship between law and religion, as it appears from court records from the western Norwegian countryside 1640-1800. They will also get a perspective on quantitative and qualitative research within legal history, using digitalized court records as historical material. Read more


  • The Matter of the Liturgy (June 7-9), with Lee Palmer Wandel. The course aims to introduce students to both the theology of the Eucharist and the matter of worship as they changed in the Reformation, not simply iconoclasm, but the reconceptualization of the role of matter in the revelation of divine meaning. Read more


The courses are organized by LUMEN, the Lutheran Mentality Center of the University. Go here for more on LUMEN.


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