Plenary Speakers

Ninth Annual RefoRC Conference, May 15-17, 2019.


Angela De Benedictis (Bologna)

Theories of War, Revolt and Resistance in Early Modern Italy

Abstract and Bio




Ian Campbell (Belfast)

Early Modern University Debates on War and Religion

Abstract and Bio




Irene Dingel (Mainz)

Compelled to Peace. Religious Peace Agreements as a Path to Confessional Co-existence

Abstract and Bio




Rebecca Giselbrecht (Bern)

Women at War – The Swiss Connections

Abstract and Bio




Mark Greengrass (Sheffield)

Wars of Religion in the Sixteenth Century and the Problem of Trust

Abstract and Bio




Vincenzo Lavenia (Bologna)

Faith on the field. Soldiers and Religion in 16th Century Europe





Graeme Murdock (Dublin)

Crossing Borders and Marking Boundaries: War and Peace on Religious Frontiers

Abstract and Bio



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