Philipp Melanchthon: Opera Omnia

William P. Weaver/Stefan Strohm/Volkhard Wels (ed.)

Opera Philosophica 2.2 Principal Writings on Rhetoric. This volume collects critical editions of the three principal writings to provide a more complete record of Melanchthon’s teaching of rhetoric. It includes critical editions of De Rhetorica (1519), Institutiones Rhetoricae (1521), and Elementa Rhetorices (1531). In addition to the three principal writings, this volume collects a new edition, based on a 1911 edition by Hanns Zwicker, of Dispositiones Rhetoricae (c. 1553), a manuscript compilation of 161 model themes. Scholars will find in this volume the major sources for Melanchthon’s theory and practice of rhetorical instruction.

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