“Controversia et Confessio”

This is a long-term project of the Union of German Academies. It is part of the research programme of the Leibniz Institute of European Histoy and carried out in in cooperation with the Johannes Gutenberg-University, the Herzog August Bibliothek Wolfenbüttel and the Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek Darmstadt. The project will result in a printed edition of selected key texts of the intra-Protestant, especially intra-Lutheran, theological debates between the Augsburg Interim of 1548 and the Formula of Concord in 1577. The debates will be documented in a series of nine volumes, each covering a single debate or, as the project calls it, a single ‘Streitkreis’ or ‘sphere of conflict’. Seven volumes have been published yet: the so-called Interimistic (2010), Adiaphoristic (2012), Majoristic (2014), Antinomistic (2016) and Synergistic (2019) controversies, the debate surrounding the Wittenberg doctrine of the Lord’s Supper and Wittenberg Christology (2008), and the Antitrinitarian controversies (published 2013). The volumes on the debates on the nature of Original Sin and on the Osiandrian controversy as well will be published in a two years interval until 2022. The edition is complemented by an online-database with 2,000 bibliograhical entries on the printed sources related to these debates. All volumes will be subsequently published open access as well  (see vol. 1 here, and vol. 8 here).


Titel Research Project

Controversia et Confessio”. An Edition of Sources for the Development of Confessional Documents and Confessionalization (1548–1580)


Name of the Organizing Institutions

Academy of Sciences and Literature Mainz (AdWMZ)

Leibniz-Institute of European History (IEG)


Name of Coordinator of the Project

Prof. Dr. Irene Dingel


Project Duration



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Prof. Dr. Irene Dingel
Leibniz-Institute of Europan History (IEG)
Alte Universitätsstr. 19
D-55116 Mainz

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