Long Reformation in Eastern Europe (1500–1800)

The concept of Long Reformation has entered the terminology of Reformation historiography during the 1990s. Since its very first mention it has been employed to describe novel approaches to Reformation history, or to re-evaluate some of the findings of the scholarship. This conference seeks to reflect upon Long Reformation not only as a tool of historical periodization, but as a possibility to revisit those cultural, social, and theological issues that had been shaping Reformation from 1400 to 1800 all over Europe. It intends to reiterate the conviction that Reformation was not an abrupt change, but an era of multifaceted transfers, translations, and complex transformations.


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Long Reformation in Eastern Europe (1500-1800)


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Research Centre for the Humanities, Budapest


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Dr. Zsombor Tóth


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Dr. Zsombor Tóth

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