The Council of Trent: Reform and Controversy in Europe and Beyond (1545-1700)

Posted: 18 September 2018

To overview

Exactly 450 years after the solemn closure of the Council of Trent on 4 December 1563, scholars from diverse regional, disciplinary and confessional backgrounds convened in Leuven to reflect upon the impact of this Council, not only in Europe but also beyond.

Their conclusions are to be found in these three impressive volumes, published in the R5AS Series. Bridging different generations of scholarship, the authors reassess in a first volume Tridentine views on the Bible, theology and liturgy, as well as their reception by Protestants, deconstructing many myths surviving in scholarship and society alike.

They also deal with the mechanisms ‘Rome’ developed to hold a grip on the Council’s implementation.

The second volume analyzes the changes in local ecclesiastical life, initiated by bishops, orders and congregations, and the political strife and confessionalisation accompanying this reform process.

The third and final volume examines the afterlife of Trent in arts and music, as well as in the global impact of Trent through missions.

Vol. 1: Between Trent, Rome and Wittenberg

Vol. 2: Between Bishops and Princes [link will follow]

Vol. 3: Between Artists and Adventurers [link will follow]

Editors: Wim François and Violet Soen


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