Methodology Workshop: The Mandate of the Interpretation IV. Context(s) and Contextualization(s)

Posted: 10 April 2018

To overview

The Institute for Literary Studies, Research Centre for the Humanities of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences has organized its annual workshop March 28, 2018 dedicated to the historiography and methodology of early modern studies, titled The Mandate of the Interpretation IV. Context(s) and Contextualization(s).

The programme of the workshop was divided to three sections, each of them focusing on one relevant methodological issue. Accordingly the first section initiated a discussion on the issue of author/authorship and its historical and cultural contexts. The second section proposed further investigations revisiting the issue of contextualization at micro and macro levels. With growing criticism, the third section challenged the uses of contexts and questioned their historical validity when employed to recreate either events or texts.

The workshop proved to be successful, for it has managed to fathom further relevant perspectives that would redefine the research priorities of the entire field, in order to summarize this updated knowledge in a major scholarly enterprise the writing of the handbook titled, Companion to the History of the Hungarian Literature.

For more information about a follow-up, contact Zsombor Tóth

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