The Synod of Dordt Commemorative Conference

Posted: 25 August 2018

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The H. Henry Meeter Center is co-sponsoring “The Synod of Dordt Commemorative Conference,” on September 14th and 15th,  2018, in the Calvin Theological Seminary auditorium (3233 Burton St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49546).

This two-day conference to commemorate the Synod of Dordt and its work brings together a range of experts who will explain in accessible presentations what the Synod did, why this gathering was significant at the time, and how this four-hundredth anniversary should be commemorated in churches and communities today.

Presentations are geared to the general public and will include visuals, music, panel discussions, and a special exhibit of Statenbijbels, the official Dutch Bible commissioned by the Synod and first published in 1637.


Donald Sinnema: “A Virtual Tour of the Synod of Dordt”
Paul Fields: “The Statenbijbel and its History”
Keith Stanglin: “The Remonstrant perspective”
Randall Engle: “Song of the Synod”
Fred van Lieburg: “Church Polity and the Synod”
Suzanne McDonald: “The Canons of Dort for the Church Today: Polemics, Pastoring, and Pulling up TULIPs”

For more information and registration, see here.

Image: View of Dordrecht, Dordrechts Museum

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Start Date
14 September 2018

End Date
15 September 2018

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