Thomas Kaufmann, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen

Title Paper: Early Confessional Culture and Everyday Life.



The lecture, which will deal with Lutheran denominational culture in the early 16th century, will focus on a multi-perspective approach to different areas of everyday culture: catechisms and school lessons, interior architecture with portraits and stove tiles, music, prayer books, hymn books and music. Inscriptions on the houses, which often offer quotations from the Luther Bible, will also be examined. A guiding question can be considered: Is Lutheranism a denominational formation shaped by certain theological guidelines? Or does Lutheranism participate in general cultural developments that have had only a minor and superficial effect on the cultural life of “ordinary people”? At its core, then, is the question of the impact of Lutheranism on the contemporary culture of its followers.


Prof. Dr. Dr. theol. h.c. Dr. phil. h.c. Thomas Kaufmann, Church History, University of Göttingen

Research Area: Reformation and post-reformation history, Confessional Cultures

Select works: Die Mitte der Reformation. Eine Studie zu Buchdruck und Publizistik im deutschen Sprachgebiet, zu ihren Akteuren und deren Strategien, Inszenierungs- und Ausdrucksformen [Beiträge zur historischen Theologie 187], Tübingen 2019.

Geschichte der Reformation in Deutschland, Berlin 2016,  revised and expanded version of Geschichte der Reformation, Frankfurt/Main 2009.



Plenary speakers Tenth Annual RefoRC Conference 2020

Webpage Tenth Annual RefoRC Conference 2020


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