Exhibition KU Leuven on Martin Luther Now Online

Posted: 7 June 2018

To overview

LUTHER@LEUVEN, the exhibition that was held 2017 in the Maurits Sabbe Library of the KU Leuven, is now digitally accessible.

The exhibition is dealing with the following themes:

  • Luther’s mystical writings
  • Luther’s treatises against indulgences (1517)
  • Acta Academiae contra Lutherum (1520)
  • Louvain’s reply (1521)
  • Luther’s refutation of the Argument of Latomus (1521)
  • Loci Communes Philipp Melanchthon (1521/1535)
  • Adrian VI ‘confession’ (1522)
  • Tapper’s 32 Articles of Faith (1544)
  • Index of Louvain (1546)
  • Luther Bible
  • Liesvelt Bible (1542)
  • Five treatises by Martin Luther (1520-25)
  • Erasmus and Luther on the free and un-free will (1524-25)
  • Luther and controversialist theology in Germany (1524-)
  • Handbook of Commonplaces, by Johann Eck (1539?)
  • Serious disputation by Johannes Cochlaeus (1530)
  • Johannes Cochlaeus’ seven-headed Luther (1564)

and also offers a gallery containing images of all objects in the exhibition.

Go here to visit the exhibition.

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