Workshop Cosmologies of Resource Transformations in the Early Modern Period

Posted: 7 October 2019

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Kooperativer Workshop der SFB-Teilprojekte B06 “Kosmologische Wissensformationen der Vormoderne” und A06 “Alchemia poetica” in Zusammenarbeit mit ERC EarlyModernCosmology, 26. November 2019.

In the early modern period, the framework of knowledge in which resources are mobilized and transformed is often cosmological in nature, for instance metals are understood within astronomical contexts. Also, the cycle of water is explained by the influence of moon and sun. In protogeology, the earth is an organism that has existed since the divine creation and that produces the elements that can also be transformed by human action. The post-Copernican conception of the Earth as one planet among the others, for the first time, offers the opportunity to conceive a homogeneous universe in which the elemental transformations that take place on earth correspond to possible transformations in the cosmos.

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26 November 2019

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